A few miles from Finisterre, Spain, is one of the most ancient pilgrimage locations in Christendom. There in the city of Compostella, lies the body of the Apostle St. James. His body was brought there after he died for the Faith in Jerusalem, so that his relics could sanctify these regions where he had gone to preach Christ Crucified.

The name Finisterre comes from Latin and it means the very end of the Earth. For all intended purposes, the Romans considered this outpost as the end of the globe. Filled with zeal and the love of his Divine Master, although he was the Bishop of Jerusalem, the Apostle went to Spain to bring the Faith to the very ends of the world.

There he received the first apparition of Our Blessed Mother. She appeared to him on a pillar and encouraged him. She gave him the blessings and strength he needed to spread the Faith to the edge of mankind.

The apostolate of LiveMass.net is a similar one. Begun in Florida, USA, the purpose of this endeavor is to promote and provide the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass to the ends of the world. Our goal is that the Mass in the Extraordinary Form be available to anyone, anywhere, anytime.

To make this a reality, we turn to Our Blessed Mother, Our Lady of Pilar, and invoke her as our Patroness. Just as she gave St. James the support he needed to spread the Gospel of Our Divine Master to finis terrae, let us pray that she may take LiveMass.net and iMass under Her protection. Through Her intercession may the Mass be known and available to the very ends of the world.

Fr. J. Fryar FSSP

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