iMass was the first and possibly still the only smartphone app of its kind. Simply put, iMass makes the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass available anywhere, anytime.

While Holy Mother Church requires us to assist at Mass on Sundays and Holy Days of Obligation, sometimes it is not possible due to illness, remoteness, or other unforeseen circumstances. In these instances it is possible to view the Holy Mass on your smartphone with the iMass app.

Going beyond the bare minimum, at any given moment the Holy Sacrifice is being offered in some part of the world. Each Holy Mass is offered for the entire Church, and it is a highly meritorious devotion to unite our hearts to each Holy Mass offered throughout the day. With the iMass app we can unite ourselves to Holy Mass from different parts of the world, and at any time of the day or night.

iMass provides Holy Mass celebrated according to the Extraordinary Form. For many years this form of the Mass has been almost hidden and quite unknown. Now with the iMass app, anyone can view, unite themselves, and become acquainted with the Extraordinary Form - anywhere where there is an internet connection and a smart phone.

iMass has been around for a few years now. It began for the iPhone and streaming a Sunday Mass. It has come a long way.

iMass 5.0 provides two (and soon three) locations from around the world where the Holy Mass is broadcast daily. While the Mass is celebrated in the Extraordinary Form, it is broadcast from an English-Speaking location in Florida, USA and it is also broadcast from a Spanish-Speaking location in Guadalajara Mexico. Soon it will be broadcast from a third, French-Speaking location: Fribourg, Switzerland.

Besides streaming the Mass, iMass 5.0 provides three of the four Liturgical Books of the Extraordinary Form (1962).

Included in the app is an easy-to-use Breviary, a Missal of the day, and an almost complete Rituale Romanum which provides easy access to blessings and sacraments for priests.

The only Liturgical Book that is missing from this version of iMass is the Pontificale Romanum. (It would not be appropriate to use a tablet or phone for pontifical ceremonies anyway!)

It is uncertain as of yet when iMass 5.0 will be released for iPhone. Currently the iPhone version is iMass 3.0, which includes the Live Stream, the Masses from Florida, the Breviary, Missal, and the YouTube Channel.

iMass 5.0 takes the app a few steps further.