Let’s face it. We don’t like change. Change, however, is good sometimes, and this is one of those times.

The new layout of LiveMass will help its growth. There is room to expand and now we have a cleaner layout.

Less clutter, more simplicity, clarity, and better organized.

Let’s get started.

We have taken off the immediate video playback from the main page. This is because first-time visitors thought that this was a live broadcast and not the recorded daily Mass from Sarasota. Instead we have given the first page to our Patroness, Our Lady of Pilar. This is Her project, and it is fitting that She greet our visitors from the start. If you click on her image it will take you to the section of the website dedicated to Her.

On each page you will find the “LIVE” link. This is so that from any location on the site you can go to the live broadcast, if there is a broadcast currently streaming. As you know, there isn’t always a live broadcast. But when there is, you want to get to it!

Then we have the locations. Since each location will have its own daily and Sunday broadcast, we have split the site into different sections for each location. Each section will have the different things that the location has to offer. The daily and Sunday Masses, their Youtube page (if they have one), their website, and other things that will be added in the future.

So for example in Sarasota you can light a candle at the Relic Altar - and this link you will find in the Florida section.

Then further down on the main page you will find other links to the Breviary and Missal from DivinumOfficium.com, a link to the FSSP, and so on.

Each location’s section

When you click on the location, it will take you to that section of the LiveMass.net website. In the top right corner the title will specify the location, whether it be the Sunday or daily Mass, and if applicable, whether it be standard definition or high definition. Remember, to reach the live broadcast from any location, use the LIVE link on any page. All locations synchronize to the same live broadcast.

Below the screen you have a link if you prefer the other definition, whether it be standard or high.

By default the page will load with the standard definition. This is to facilitate faster page loads in places of the world that have slower bandwidth. If you prefer high definition you will just have to get into the habit of selecting it each day.

There are other links on the page that will take you to other options each location has to offer. Finally, at the bottom of the page there is a link that will return you to the main page, where you will find the other locations, and the breviary, missal, etc.

Video Controls

The video screen itself has not changed. However let’s go over the different options.

In the bottom left corner you will find the start and stop button. Sometimes the video screen will load black, with an arrow in the middle of the screen. Click on that to start.

The scroll bar will allow you to scroll to different parts of the Mass, if it is a recorded Mass. During the LIVE broadcast you cannot scroll.

In the bottom right corner you will find the expand button. This will make the video full screen. To leave full screen, either move your mouse and hit that button again, or hit the Esc button on your keyboard.

And finally the volume button. Click on that to get better volume - this is independent from your computer’s system volume, so it helps to have this turned up all the way.

We hope you like the new layout of LiveMass.net. Please pray for the continual success of Our Lady’s ever-expanding apostolate.