The Rite of Holy Baptism

in the Extraordinary Form

Most of the time parishes will use photocopies for the laity to follow along with the baptism, and even though the priest says parts in English, the translation doesn't match. Even the questions that the priest asks the sponsors do not match in translation. This is because until now, the translation in the photocopies is not the same translation as the Weller Rituale, which is what most priests use.

This little booklet does the logical thing, and provides the same translation of the Weller Rituale for the use of those attending the baptism. Now, it matches!

The booklet goes a step further and provides the whole thing in spanish as well, not a word for word translation, but again, using the same idea, so that it will match the Spanish Rituale that the priest will use.

It includes the dedication of the child to Our Lady - the texts of which are entirely different in Spanish and English, according to the customary texts of each language.

Also included is the Churching of Women, and an explanation of the Sacrament.

For Spanish, we have included the text from the Rituale Tolentino, an age-old and priceless explanation of the ceremony for Spanish speakers. With Spanish becoming more prevalent in the United States, this booklet is ready for those requesting the ceremony in Spanish.

This booklet is for the baptism of children, not adults.

The missalette is available on Lulu and Amazon.

The Amazon booklet is of slightly better quality,  priced at  $12.25

The Lulu booklet is discounted, at  $8.50

Lulu gives greater discounts according to the quantity you wish to purchase, so this is a better option for parishes or those wanting several copies.